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school zone sign

School Zones

Don’t Ignore School Zones! If you’re like most American drivers, you’ve spent the last few months driving around town, passing grocery stores, gas stations and

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lady getting pulled over by police

Traffic Violations

Are Your Family Members Aware of What Constitutes as a Traffic violation? Do you have a new driver in your household? Is your teen cruising

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image of a tax evasion file with handcuffs

Tax Evasion

Tax season is here! While most people dutifully file their taxes, there are individuals and businesses who try and cheat the system. Central Florida Bonding

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romance scam

Romance Scams

Is Romance In The Air? Romance, love, and companionship are qualities that humans crave. During Covid-19, it has been difficult for people to get out

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Porch Pirates looking to steal Christmas presents

Porch Pirates

‘Tis the season for porch pirates. What are porch pirates? We aren’t talking about actual pirates but people who are thieves and steal packages off

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person dressed as clown arrested on Halloween

Halloween Arrested

Happy Hallow-eek-end! Halloween 2021 takes place on a Sunday. That leaves a whole weekend to participate in various Halloween events. Central Florida Bonding wants you

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