Super Bowl Sunday

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Super Bowl Sunday is Near, How Will You Be Spending It?

Do you plan to party like a rock star on Super Bowl Sunday?  While football enthusiasts wish we could declare it a national holiday and pretend there are no laws, this is not very likely.

Will you be attending or hosting a super bowl party? Will you be attending a gathering in public or in somebody’s private home? Whatever the case may be, party smart so you don’t end up behind bars. If you are a parent of kids 21 and under and hosting a Super Bowl party for your kid’s friends, be sure there is absolutely no alcohol being served to the younger crowd. If an underage attendees gets into a police altercation and the police prove the person has been drinking, you could be charged with serving alcohol to minors. Be careful!

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With Super Bowl Sunday usually comes alcohol and in some cases drug use during the celebrations. We highly recommend you don’t get behind the wheel of any vehicle if you have partied too hard and consumed too much alcohol, participated in recreational drug use such as marijuana or other drugs. Just being slightly over the legal alcohol limit could be costly in the end.

Do you know what the Florida legal alcohol limit is?

Under Florida law if your breath alcohol level is .08 or higher you could be arrested. If you are caught driving under the influence of alcohol, chemical or controlled substances you have a far greater chance of crashing your vehicle due to the impairment caused by these things. Not only could you seriously crash your vehicle but your probability is far greater that other people may die due to your negligence. Then the penalties are extremely high.

What to do when you become intoxicated at a Super Bowl party and it’s time to go home?

The obvious answers include:
1) Call a friend
2) Designate a driver
3) Call a taxi or cab
4) Call a ride share service – Uber or Lyft

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There are plenty of ride share services in the Central Florida area. Don’t take a chance and get behind the wheel of your car if you are intoxicated, high on drugs or are using medical marijuana. Rely on any of those options above to get home.

What if I consume alcohol over a long period of time and I am slightly drunk, can I still drive drunk?

No! If you are still drunk you absolutely must not get behind the wheel of a vehicle. This is often referred to as alcohol elimination and its different for everyone. A human liver can typically process 1 unit of alcohol per hour. If you drink 10 units it will take you 10 hours to sober up. This tip is a good one and easy to remember.

If you do find yourself intoxicated and nobody is available to drive you, we highly encourage calling an Uber or Lyft ride share service.

Super Bowl parties can be a lot of fun if celebrating the correct way. The minute alcohol starts flowing, tempers and emotions could also erupt. Public violence such as punching, hitting or worse, using a deadly weapon can also be the result of heavy intoxication. Our team at Central Florida Bonding wants you to be aware when it comes to partying during Super Bowl Sunday this year. Stay sober and stay out of jail!

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