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Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1 – What information should I have readily available before contacting a bail bondsman?

Answer: The defendant’s name, what jail the person is in, what are the charges, is the person already out on bond or is on probation, how long has he lived in the area.

Question #2 – How do I get a bail bond?

Answer:The are 3 forms of release. 1)You can post a cash bond at the jail which means paying the full face value of the bond. 2)You can contact a local bondsman and pay the 10% of any bond over $1000. Bonds under $1000 have a flat fee of $100 3) you can see the judge the next day to see if you qualify to be released on your own recognizance.

Question #3 – Do I get my bail money back?

Answer:When posting a bond with a bail bond agency the bond premium is non refundable. You are paying for freedom not results. When paying the full amount at the jail and the case gets dropped then you are entitled to a full refund. If you’re found guilty then the court will deduct court fees and fines from the cash bond.

Question #4 – Can the defendant leave the state or country?

Answer: The defendant cannot leave the jurisdiction of the court without permission from the court or the bondsman unless they are authorized to leave

Question #5 – Is there a discount or a discounted bail bonds rate?

Answer: There is no discount the rates are set by the state of Florida

Question #6 – What types of collateral are accepted?

Answer: Types of collateral: Home mortgage, Car title, Stocks, Cash, some take jewelry.

Question #7 – Can a defendant change their court date?

Answer: No! The only way to change a court date is if an attorney files a motion or the judge changes the court date. Defendants must show to their scheduled court date otherwise a warrant will be issued for their arrest.

Question #8 – What if I miss my court date because I am in the hospital?

Answer: Somebody must call the court and tell them the defendant is hospitalized. Proof of hospitalization will be required.

Question #9 – What if I do not show up for my scheduled court appearance?

Answer: A warrant for your arrest will be issued.

Question #10 – What if I am in jail in one county and miss my scheduled court date in another county?

Answer: Somebody must call the court and tell them you are in jail in another county and show proof.