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What Is Domestic Violence?

What constitutes domestic violence?

Central Florida Bonding wants to make you aware of what domestic violence is, what it consists of, and how to get help. Domestic violence takes place in all types of families, all economic levels, all education levels, all races, all ages, and all religions. Many of your neighbors and friends in Orlando, Winter Park, Winter Springs, Altamonte Springs, Sanford, Lake Mary, and St. Cloud have been victims of domestic violence.

What exactly is domestic violence?

According to the Florida Department of Children and Families, domestic violence is “a pattern of abusive behaviors that adults use to maintain power and control over their intimate partners or former partners.” There are different types of abuse that are included in this definition.

Examples include:

• Physical violence

• Emotional abuse

• Sexual abuse

• Economic abuse

• Control/Isolation

Anyone can end up in an abusive situation. However, there are factors that can increase the likelihood of you being abused. A few of these factors include:

• If your partner uses drugs or abuses alcohol

• Your partner has a history of violent tendencies

• Your partner was abused as a child

• Your partner has a history of impulsiveness/high risk-taking

Physical domestic abuse is what is commonly thought of when you mention domestic abuse. However, the other types of abuse, emotional, sexual, controlling behaviors and economic abuse can be just as traumatizing. Abuse can start subtly and be very controlling.

Examples include:

• Being belittled by your partner, having your partner withhold praise, having a partner who is extremely jealous and possessive, being insulted by your partner

• Being forced into having sex when you don’t want to, having birth control withheld or being forced to take birth control

• Being isolated from your friends and family, being constantly monitored, having to check-in with your partner at all times, being told what to wear, how to act

• All of your assets and money are handled by your partner, your name isn’t on any legal documents or your name is on legal documents without your permission, you can’t work or have an income, you have an allowance and need to justify your purchases

• You aren’t allowed to attend school or pursue higher education via training courses/classes

Oftentimes, a person who is in an abusive relationship stays. Reasons for staying in this situation could include:

• Feeling like they are to blame because they are told that by the abuser

• Feeling like no one will believe them since the abuser presents himself/herself as a model citizen (charms other, pretends to have a stable relationship)

• Feel like they will be charged with domestic abuse themselves since they have lashed out at their abuser in self-defense or while distressed

• Fear of the unknown

• Afraid that the abuser will find them and hurt or kill them or their children

• Financial reasons – the person is dependent on the abuser for all of their financial needs

• Low self-esteem – feeling like they are worthless

• They love their partner and think that the partner will change or that they can help their partner overcome this

How to get help?

Help is available for victims of domestic violence.

Resources include:

• Confiding in a trusted person such as a friend, clergy member, co-worker

• Letting your health care provider know what is going on

• Going to a local shelter or crisis center

• Calling the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233

• In an emergency, call 911

Our staff at Central Florida Bonding hopes that this information about domestic violence can benefit the Central Florida community. We offer bond for various charges including domestic violence, assault, battery, child abuse, and more.

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