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Porch Pirates

Porch Pirates looking to steal Christmas presents

‘Tis the season for porch pirates.

What are porch pirates?

We aren’t talking about actual pirates but people who are thieves and steal packages off of a person’s front porch or doorstep.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, many more people are ordering online. Combine that with the holiday season and Cyber Monday the opportunities are abound for porch pirates. The ongoing supply chain issues and delays are causing people to assume that their packages have been delayed instead of stolen right off their front porch.

Oftentimes, this theft is a theft of opportunity though there are porch pirates that actually follow delivery trucks and grab the packages right after they are delivered. Central Florida Bonding wants you to be aware of porch pirates and how you can help thwart them with these tips:

• Track your orders so you know when they are arriving.

• Request to have a signature required for delivery.

• Have your items shipped to the store and pick them up at the store.

• Use an Amazon locker and pick up your item from there.

• Have your packages sent to your work place, to a family member, or to a trusted neighbor.

• Consider purchasing a “porch pirate bag”. These bags lock to your door and have a combination lock attached to them. The delivery person simply puts your package in the bag and then locks it.

• Include special instructions such as please place package behind bush or on side of the house.

• Retrieve your packages as soon as possible. Preferably, right after they arrive.

• Consider utilizing a ring doorbell, security camera, or a security system to see who is on your front porch.

Whether your packages come from FedEx, UPS, Amazon and others, thieves don’t care.  They will resell or keep the items.

We hope these tips will help you be more aware of porch pirates and your packages will be safe. Our bail bond agency has helped Central Floridians since 1979. If you or a family member is facing charges such as theft, DUI, reckless driving, domestic violence, assault, battery, drug trafficking, or more, please give us a call at 407-841-3646 so that we can start the bail bond process.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days of the year including during the holidays.
All of our bail bond agents are experienced and knowledgeable. They can assist you with the bail bond process including helping you with paperwork, explaining the bail bond process, and answering questions regarding the criminal justice system.

We serve all of Central Florida including Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Lake, Volusia, and Brevard counties. Your neighbors have relied on our expertise and you can too! Please give us a call at 407-841-3646 or visit online and we will assist you.

Happy Holidays!


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