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Summer Time Theft

person stealing a purse at the beach

Summer Time Thieves!

It’s summertime! The sunshine state offers plenty of opportunities to sun, boat, and enjoy the water. If you are headed to the beach for the day, you may wonder how to keep your valuables safe from thieves.

Central Florida Bonding offers these tips to help keep your items safe:

•Leave as many valuables as possible at home. Consider just taking your driver’s license, cash, and/or a debit card in your wallet.
•Instead of brining an e-reader, just bring a paperback book or magazine.
•Leave your phone at home. If you must have your phone with you, consider buying a waterproof bag that you can put it in to wear in the water.
•If you are going with a group of people, take turns watching the valuables.
•Sit near the lifeguard.
•Don’t leave your valuables exposed.
•Place your valuables in lock bags and store them in the center of your beach blanket.
•Consider hiding your valuables in other items such as a sunscreen bottle (that you pre-prepped, a Pringles can, a bottle, etc).
•Bury your items in the sand (just put them in a sand-proof bag and make sure you remember where you buried them).
•See if there are lockers available to store your valuables.
•Use a beach towel that has a zip pocket in it to store your small valuables.
•Put your valuables in a cooler or cooler bag.
•Use an older beach bag or a colorful/distinct beach bag to deter thieves. Have a beach bag with long straps so that you can loop the straps around things such as an umbrella pole or a beach chair.
•Keep an eye on your environment. Beware large groups of people and any disturbances at the beach as this may be a ploy to distract you and steal your valuables.
•If you go to the beach frequently, consider investing in a travel safe.
•Trust your gut. If you feel like your valuables won’t be safe, then don’t leave them.

There is no 100% proof to make sure that your valuables will be safe, however, these suggestions can help.

Central Florida Bonding is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days of the year. We have helped clients facing numerous charges including petty theft, theft, burglary, DUI, BUI, assault, drug trafficking, domestic violence, and more. Please call us at 407-841-3646 to start the bail bond process.

We have been helping clients across Central Florida since 1979. We offer confidential, stress free bail bonds for defendants in Orange County, Seminole County, Osceola County, Lake County, Volusia County, and Brevard County. Don’t stay in jail. Rely on the expertise of our experienced and knowledgeable bail bond agents to guide you through the bail bond process. Please call us today at 407-841-3646.


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