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Medical Marijuana and Driving in Florida

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Legalizing Marijuana in Florida:

What Are the Implications for Drivers?

Medical marijuana has been legalized in several states across the country. But what does this mean for drivers who may be using pot while behind the wheel?

The use of medical marijuana by patients has become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to the legalization of it. Smoking or consuming marijuana will impair motor skills and under Florida law, marijuana is still a controlled substance, which means using it and getting behind the wheel can result in a Driving Under the Influence arrest with penalties that are just as severe as if you were arrested for a DUI involving alcohol.

Is it legal?
It’s true that driving under the influence of marijuana is illegal in every state. In Florida you can have medical marijuana in your vehicle, you must never use marijuana in your vehicle, even if you have obtained it using a physician’s prescription. Do not drive if you’ve smoked Marijuana Flower, vaped Marijuana Concentrates, administered THC Tincture, or taken marijuana in any other form, such as in an edible. Non-psychoactive CBD products are safe to take if they contain 0.3 percent THC or less.

Can I still get pulled over?
If you’re caught driving under the influence of any drug, you will likely face consequences. In addition to being charged with DUI, you could also face penalties for possession of drugs and paraphernalia. First, do not drive if you are intoxicated in any way or your judgment is impaired whether that is by alcohol, prescription or other drugs. Second, you should never exceed your medical marijuana limit.

Is public consumption is still illegal in Florida?
Using medical marijuana in public is against the law. Do not use medical marijuana in your car, even if it is parked. It is also illegal for passengers to use medical marijuana in a moving vehicle. You should only use it in a private residence or property.

What should I tell my passengers?
Again, it’s not legal to use medical marijuana while driving. You are breaking the law if you are using medical marijuana while you are driving, not to mention putting your life and those on the road near you in great danger! If you’re concerned about getting caught with marijuana in your car, let your passengers know your car needs to stay weed free. And make sure you don’t consume any marijuana before driving.

Will my insurance rates go up?
It’s possible that your insurance premiums might rise as a result of medical marijuana. However, there are some things you can do to help keep your rates down. First, make sure you’re not committing any infractions related to driving under the influence. Second, consider enrolling in an auto insurance policy that includes collision coverage. This type of coverage protects you against damage caused by accidents. Third, check out your credit score before purchasing new car insurance. A low score could lead to higher rates. Finally, ask your agent about discounts that may be available to you.

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