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Things to Avoid When on Bail

Everyone who is arrested has the option of waiting for their court hearings while incarcerated jail or being granted a bail bond. The option that most people choose is posting bail.  This allows defendants a chance to not miss out on fulfilling their day-to-day obligations and spending time with family and friends.  While bonding from jail is the popular choice, when given the chance, a defendant has to abide by certain rules while on bail.

These things include:

Don’t Miss Your Court Dates When on Bail

When you bond from jail, you will always be required to appear in court on dates that are decided by the court. Failure to appear in court on the required dates could lead to serious implications; like, canceling your bail bond, being placed back under arrest, additional charges being added.  While these all impact the defendant, there is also the potential to hurt family and friends if they posted money or collateral for your bond. Those items may be forfeited if the bail bond is revoked.

Don’t Travel Out of State

One of the conditions given when a judge grants bail is not traveling or moving out of your state. If there is an emergency somewhere outside your state, it is always recommended to seek permission from the court before leaving your state. Otherwise, you risk suffering the consequences of violating the terms of the bond.

Don’t Commit Another Crime

The worst thing that can happen is being rearrested for a similar or different crime, while out on bail. If a defendant is re-arrested, it will be difficult for the court to grant bond again knowing that you’re not a risk to yourself or society, depending on the crime.  It’s important to remain out of trouble until the original charges have been resolved.

Avoid Doing Things Under the Influence

If you use drugs or alcohol, you must avoid them. It’s more likely that a defendant under the influence of drugs or alcohol may conduct illegal or illicit behavior putting you at more risk of bail being revoked.  Stay clean. Enter rehab if you have to. It’s important to manage your vices until the original charges are resolved.

Choose a bail bond agent with a good reputation

If one of your friends or family members gets arrested, you may need to get a bail bond agent. Using an agent with a good reputation will increase your chances of getting bail than dealing with amateurs. Central Florida Bail Bonds has been in business since 1979 providing bond services to central Florida and surrounding areas. If you’re looking discreet and confidential services, you definitely want to contact us!  Check out one of our other blogs entitled “How To Handle Yourself if You Get Arrested.”

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